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2012 Admission Prices
Ride all day child Wristband (Under 48")
Ride all day adult Wristband
Pay per ride
Premium rides
$8 each
Large rides
$5 each
Junior rides
$5 each
Great deals available

Sitting on 5 acres of land, Adventuredome is one of the largest indoor theme parks in America. Located in Winchester, NV. and known as the Grand Slam Canyon, this is a perfect place to visit if you are on the Las Vegas Strip. Many casinos in the area hand out discount passes as a promotional item, and also as prizes for big winners. Kids can go have fun at this amusement park while you hit the card tables; Adventuredome offers a child sitting service for that specific group of people. There are 25 rides inside (Listed below) this building, as well as a cheap mini golf course to keep you occupied for hours on end.

Rides (2 for 1 deals on all rides)

Frog Hopper Miner Mike Thunderbirds
B.C. Bus Circus Carousel Drifters
Road Runner Sand Pirates Slingshot
Canyon Cars Chaos Inverter
Lazer Blast Disk'O Twist N Shout

and many more!

All I can say is, WOW! This theme park is awesome. On the outside it looks small and insignificant, but when you step through the doors, it seems to open up to twice the size. There are more than enough things to do while here. I took a break from the slots, and just happen to walk into this place not even knowing what it was. Thank goodness I did, it was the funnest thing I have done for a while. Wish I would have found a discount pass beforehand though. Lost at the slots, won at having fun!